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Site clean-up

With time, websites tend to get slow. This is because a lot of data and code gets added to the website. It requires a regular clean up to avoid any fatal errors.

Malware removal

Attacks on the websites have been increased leading to revenue loss for the businesses. Get rid of these malwares and save a fortune.

Regain access control

A white screen of death is a nightmare for any website owner. Its causes are plenty. Get it fixed quickly to regain access to your website.

Restore to previous version

Restoring to a past version may seem easy but in reality it is tricky. Get expert help and be assured of the clean restoration process.

Fatal error fixes

These errors generally happen when a piece of code goes rogue. If not fixed this can hamper proper functioning of your website. Get it fixed quickly.

Speed Optimization

There are plenty of things that can reduce your website’s speed like heavy multimedia, faulty plugins, fluffy coding and many more. Get it fixed and boost your SEO.

Database Optimization

The database is the most ignored place of the website when it comes to clean up. If ignored for a long time it can give you a lot of trouble. Don’t let that happen.

Plugin Configuration

Plugins are essential and ubiquitous in wordpress. Sometimes they misbehave and choke the entire website. Get it fixed quickly.

Theme Configuration

Like plugins themes can also give trouble and if not fixed quickly this can put off vital functionalities of a website.

What Our Clients Say

In just a few short weeks she was able to deliver everything she promised and went above and beyond my expectations. We discussed the project daily and she is always thinking of ways to improve the product. She is very knowledgeable and diligent, friendly and a perfectionist. I can honestly say that with Neha handling the technical side

Sam Golden

Founder at TellyVizion

I had the pleasure of working with Neha on a website project a few months ago. She was knowledgeable, creative and efficient. She took my idea from conception to completion in just a few days. While I thought I had a pretty good idea when we started, I’m confident that the end product was better because of the input from Neha

Jason Dalka

Founder/Managing Broker at Square One Real Estate

Neha is very professional and has great attention to detail. She excelled in working with tight deadlines and complex requirements. I am happy to recommend her as a solid project manager with excellent technical knowledge.

Gerardo Chairez

Marketing and Communications Manager

Neha has done an amazing job with every project we have worked on together. Her skill level in PHP rivals her ability to clearly communicate when we have worked together on everything from building new applications to implementing new website designs. She never hesitates to ask questions before diving into a new project, which has made testing and releasing new features easy and fast.

Kevin Mattice

Head of Product at Cherre

I have worked with Neha for the past few months at Treiner. She is a highly competent manager who I can trust to work with. She had run the site by herself for a few months before and during the time that I’ve been there, and currently manages a team in a very effective manner. In all I find Neha to be extremely effective at what she does.

Joe Gibbs

Chief Technology Officer at Treiner

Neha has worked with my co-founder and I at Treiner.com.au for over 2 years. In that time, her and her team have gone through multiple iterations of our marketplace and have created and implemented a variety of consoles for our website, including a schedule and timetable portal for sports coaches, a shop for sport goods and a camps and activities platform.

Kogulan Sabaratnam

Entrepreneur, Football Coach and Educator

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